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Generic Components: a board games designer's best friend

Generic Components: a board games designer's best friend

This is almost all my collection of generic components that I use when designing board games. This exclude all the dead components I had designed for other games that could be reused.

I try to search store and find products that could fit for board game prototyping. There are things like plastic cube or wooden cube that are very hard to find.

Of course they sell some online, but most of the time, I want something cheap and don't want to make it shipped.

So in the picture above, you will see various components where some of their original purpose was not for game design. I also scavenged a lot of components from 50 games in 1 boxes that were sold in junk stores.

Some wooden components have also been done by myself. I bought some poles, cut them and dye them.



Effin exellent

I love it! I have been doing that as well, but compared to you, on a much smaller scale. Hitting dollar stores for cheap games and using old bits and bobs from here and there. I will need to build a more comprehensive set of items and group them like you have. Your collection is awesome.

Very nice!

Very nice!

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image | by Dr. Radut