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Gods and Minions Logo

Gods and Minions Logo

The first component of my newest game project: The logo of "Gods and Minions". I decided against the "&" sign, but this is open to discussion. Does this look professional enough for a game?


Thanks for the feedback. Yes,

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I also thought about changing the G and the M into other fonts (but this has to wait a bit). Also i moved the shadow almost underneath the letters, its a bit clearer to read now. I update the pic later.


I don't know about the font considering the G. It's pretty hard to read.
Also, I think an & is okay, but this works fine as well.
If you want to have the effect that the text is written on the scroll, you should lose the shadow effect.

For the rest, fine job!

gods and minions

the name looks real interesting good luck

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image | by Dr. Radut