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Hex world Map - working with poles

Hex world Map - working with poles

This pictures explain a bit how the pole works. It's an unrealistic way to make high and low hemisphere closer to each other while making sure half hexes stay unused in the game. So as you can see, the full hex on the poles are in fact adjacent to each other.

There is also the imaginary pole hex where all the full hex tile are connected to. This hex cannot be occupied, but you can fly over that hex to reach any other hex connected to the pole.


I like this concept,

I like this concept, especially the versitility of the tile placement in any orientation.
As an alternative, couldn't the half hexes at the top be the pole (each half hex is the same location)?

yes, that could be another

yes, that could be another solution which is also simple to visualize.

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image | by Dr. Radut