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Images to be tested by a colour-blind

Images to be tested by a colour-blind

These are the images. Can you distinguish the 9 frames?

Thank you!



Completely colorblind

Hello! Turns out I'm completely colorblind (black white & grey is all I see) and I have a couple of comments. First, colors on a computer screen are almost always different to my eyes than when printed on a game piece, so bear that in mind when designing via computer. Second, the yellow pink and grey are probably too close to differentiate easily, same for the blue red and brown - but it's always different on real paper :) You could consider something as simple as a different shaped border for each or some minimarker in the upper left corner or some such.

Finally, THANK YOU! Every single day I run into designed things, games or otherwise, where almost no thought has been given to folks like me. Granted, we're a tiny minority, but hey - if you care that much about the details, all I can say is thanks :)

Did you run it through vischeck?

You can see for yourself how it would look to the colorblind at:

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image | by Dr. Radut