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Incomplete Event Card V2.0

Incomplete Event Card V2.0


How big is the "Flavor text" going to be?

From my understanding the Orange portion is to be used for artwork o or an illustration (of some sort). The Whiter portion is to be used for BOTH an Event/Action and (maybe) some "Flavor text.

If this is so, I would describe the SIZE of the text to be "X" characters wide by "Y" lines. So if it's something like 100 chars x 3 lines, that a pretty "precise" calculation of how much "Flavor text" you can have.

Just trying to help you out - so that you can better plan the layout.

Thank you for the input. You

Thank you for the input. You are correct about the orange part.

Moments ago I asked about the text size differences. But I will take your suggestion into consideration. Working with a maximum of lines sounds like a much better method to me.

Going to print the empty card a couple of times to test things by hand/pencil. I hope to test print the "worst" card tomorrow. That is 30 hours from now.

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