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Kingdom Quoor

Kingdom Quoor


I love the paint by number

I love the paint by number look of the art!

She's e-vil...

She's e-vil...


Raiderjakk wrote:
She's e-vil...


I had a look at the website to see if there was something in the story of the game (eg if she's secretly controlling the dragons), but it seems like that character is a goodie.

it does look good,

but I'm not sure about the expression on the face of the woman in the bottom right-hand corner - she looks quite happy about the whole situation.

I had a look at your website, and I noticed you seem to be using Flash for everything. But there's not much on there that really needs Flash. I don't think google and other search engines can pick up text that's in Flash.

Hey! I printed that!

Congrats guys! The game looks great!

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