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Monster Keep — Updated version of the Calculator

Monster Keep — Updated version of the Calculator

This is a "preview" of the "Monster Keep" (MK) online calculator! This is just a preview because the screen is just a mock-up. I've basically added all the HTML elements but have not implemented the actions of the various buttons and fields.

It's going to be simple:

  1. Type in values in "Card #1" and "Card #2". All "Loading" is done Asynchronously via AJAX.

  2. Modify the various stats according to play area bonuses and penalties.

  3. Make any adjustments to Tribute points (bonuses or penalties).

  4. Click on "Calculate" and the points will be calculated without any hiccups!

  5. In the event you have modified values, you can "Reset" them to the default card values (and the calculator will re-calculate the points too).



Everything is Pre-Loaded

Something that would make this kind of tool very useful for a player is a way to select the card from a drop-down list, and " + " and " - " buttons next to each of the attributes.

When clicking on the "Card #1" box all card types are listed, and the player can scroll through the list to select the proper card. The same can be done for "Card #2." Modifier buttons next to each attribute can be tapped after the default values are displayed, or maybe there can be icons in the blank area at the center of the screen to modify all attributes with a single click. Imagine having an icon that indicates "higher ground," or "opponent is stunned," or whatever status types you have in the game that call for modifers.

So instead of having to type in anything, you simply tap a few buttons, including those for the modifiers, and the encounter is resolved.

The technology is there. It seems to me just a matter of being able to configure and link a database to your web application.

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