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Monster Keep: New RPS-9 (Species)

Monster Keep: New RPS-9 (Species)

Here is a sample of the New RPS-9 for the various "species" of Monsters that may appear in "Monster Keep". Most of the relationships look good - the only one that particularly sticks out is the Double (Red 2x) relationship between Sky -> Order (Beats).

But RPSs are rarely perfect and this subtle *inconsistency* will probably have to stay, IF I want to keep a simple RPS-9 as you see.

How is it SIMPLE, you ask?

Well for one thing, ALL the Double Damage (Red 2x) relationships go around the graph. This makes it simpler to fundamentally easier to remember the RPS-9.

But I have a "magic" table which is also easy to read... And a *unique* method of allowing players EASY (I mean SUPER-EASY) way of knowing the beats RPS-9 rules.

That's all for now - I need to post a thread in the fora...

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image | by Dr. Radut