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Monster Keep: New RPS-Table

Monster Keep: New RPS-Table

Here is the EASY to understand RPS Table (for the RPS-9).

The BEATS column is used for a relationship that "beats" that type of Monster. So take as an example "Death" it beats "Earth". What this means is if your opponent has played an "Earth" card, you can play ANY "Death" card to defeat it.

The "Single Attack" column is use to signify that this Monster ATTACKS the other Monster. So another example, "Sky" can attack both "Earth" and "Frost" without any repercussion.

Lastly the "Duel Attack" column is use to exemplify which Monster DUEL each other. What this means is BOTH parties will be engaged in combat. So "Fire" will duel "Sky" and "Death". Player with the Monster with the lowest HP goes first - unless some Ability or Affect alters this rule.

As you can see, it is relatively EASY to understand the RPS-9 rules, given this simple table...

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image | by Dr. Radut