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My first board game design mistake pt.2

My first board game design mistake pt.2

Anyway, this incomplete prototype game board was going to be a topagraphical version for myself to test and have fun with. Maybe you would like to create something like this for your mock-up game map. Just not before creating the game like I did here. I created this to have a "relief" to it in noted especially in the pathways. I intended to go all-out on this mock-up by adding detailed model hills, made out of pink styrofoam and adding grass and trees, with the pathways going up onto them. The water and the "relief" effect are acheaved with bubble wrap.

I started with a huge sheet of card board. Then I roughed-out the map with a pencil on the cardboard. Next, I cut out shapes of blue bubble wrap and glued them onto the cardboard in such a way as to create the relief effect I wanted. Then the felt was carfully glued on, paying attention to get it to go down into all the dips and edges. The bubble wrap that makes up the body of water was cut larger as to allow the felt enough overlap space, creating a nice edge. I stapled all the edges to ensure it all stayed together.

I would have completed this map by building a simple wood frame to keep it flat, because the thing is quite warped. And adding hills.

This may not be the best way to create a three dimensional game board. But thought I would share some of my scraps.


I like it, especially the

I like it, especially the desert area and pyramid.

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image | by Dr. Radut