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Nih'ki Sketches: Saahrai Anseki Walker

Nih'ki Sketches: Saahrai Anseki Walker

This is an early sketch of one of the Saahrai Vehicles from Nih'ki : The Crystal Core War. It's called an Anseki Walker, and it is a mecha (or piloted robot) that is extremely resilient, fairly deadly, and is able to fix the ablative armour of friendly units.

Ablative armour is used in the game to help reduce damage. For instance, if an opponent attacks you and causes 4 damage, you could use 2 points of Armour as ablative armour to reduce that damage to 2. However, that would reduce your Armour value by 2 for the remainder of the game (unless it gets fixed), which would make this unit more susceptible to damage in the future. It's a trade-off of present gain VS future gain.

All character art by Miles Johnston, and all vehicle art (including robots) by Thiago Almeida, two very talented artists!

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image | by Dr. Radut