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Noblemen parts 1

Noblemen parts 1

Here you can see the negative mould and the positive. The negative is RTV or Room tempature vulcanising. The positive mold is made of Sculpy.


Third request?

As I searched for how to make small prototype game pieces, I find this site and these pics - perfection! I'd love to know the process.

As for this site, is it just me or do none of the content links work? I see a link for "Making Bits" but it leads nowhere.

Anyway, great work Xaqery - Noblemen looks fantastic.


Looks great, thanks man!

You are correct the links are

You are correct the links are in progress. We just did a recent site move and not all of the content has been migrated.


I'd like to second the request for more information on how you made the models.


The parts look great. How about a short (or long and detailed, if you wish) tutorial with some links to the products you used? :-)

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image | by Dr. Radut