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Ogre Castle Sell Sheet

Ogre Castle Sell Sheet

This is my first attempt at a sell sheet for my game Ogre Castle. Can I get some feedback on it please?



Trukid and Willi...Thanks for the feedback. I kept looking for comments on my blog post and never thought to look for comments on the picture itself. I'll give your suggestions a lot of thought and take the sell sheet back to design for some adjustment. I really appreciate your help and I'm sorry for the delay in acknowledging it...David

What he said, +

I would make mention of mechanics in this day and age. What I might see is another roll-and-move game from a designer that never heard of the geek in their life... that would tell me to stay away. Your game might be that for all I can see on the sheet.

What sets the game apart from the rest? That has to be the sell here - because the components don't sell me, the price doesn't sell me, and the theme (fantasy) has been used quite frequently.

Great reviews might do the trick, though, because Glory to Rome is in the same boat, but people have raved about it as a game.

your fonts and layout are

your fonts and layout are excellent. I would have said "Full-color Character Tokens" rather than pre-assembled.

then 2 things that you probably aren't going to change:

Tube packaging is not really unique, and i'd say over half of the people i've talked to on the subject have said that it's as much a hindrance (shelving/display wise) as anything. this would be different if it was a very small game, and they were buying, say, a display box of 12- rather than the probable 1 or 2 that most shops will.

And the second thing is VERY subjective, so feel free to ignore it: your wholesale price seems a couple of dollars too high for the contents, and your MSRP seems too low for the wholesale price that you set. I say this because, since you're handling the distribution yourself, the stores would already be going through extra hassle to deal with you (since they can't just check off a couple of copies in their local/large distributor's catalog), and you're asking them to sell $25 for $35- when in most cases they want to be making a higher margin than that (40%-50%, rather than 30%) for the effort.

if you drop your wholesale price to $17 or $17.50, that lines you up better with your MSRP and with what i think the perceived value of the product will be.


Can't comment on the actual price of the game - that's your call based on your own production costs. Here's what I've found.

Retailers generally pay around 50% of MSRP when you sell direct to them. Some pay promptly, others don't. If you're using Paypal then you're probably looking for pre-payment. Some retailers will do this, some will not.

Distributors generally pay around 40-45% of MSRP. And it can take them a while to pay. One old-line distributor (Blackhawk) went under last year - so that possibility needs to be factored in.

Alot of firms expect free shipping when they order over a certain amount - in addition to that pricing.

Depressing, but true.

As for packaging, the folks at Mayfair told me the train games in tubes did not do well, people wanted the one-piece laminated maps, but not the tube it came in. I know that I tossed the tubes and spent some time trying to get the rolled up, laminated map flat and just put the components in a big box for all the games. Since you are using a cloth playing board, you should not get the same complaint about having to unfurl the map.


BluePanther and TrueKid...Since you both brought up pricing I should address that. The sad fact is, that since I produced this game all on my own the actual cost per game came in at $17.

I knew I was way-high on cost but I wanted to do one game all on my own; I wanted the experience of self production. If the game proved itself and earned a second production run then I could go to China for rock bottom prices.

I knew in advance that no one would pay $50-60 retail for this game, so I set "wholesale" as my cost and retail at twice that. I figured that if I could sell the 250 unit production run, even at cost, it would be a "winning scenario" and get my name and product out there a little and maybe make the next game a little easier to bring to market.

As for packaging, the tube is small, 9" tall by 4" wide, so it fits easily on store shelves and in gamer's closets. I also thought that it helped the game stand out from the crowd of boxes.

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