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Oh no... INVASION!!! situation

Oh no... INVASION!!! situation

Here is an example for Oh no... INVASION!!! the cooperative card game.
You see player two in trouble. The red Invaliens (top left) that are flying by will give attack orders to all yellow Invaliens in play (the attack order is in a yellow balloon) as soon as they invade somewhere (card is placed). Some one will have to ZAP the card and make sure they do not get to land or player two is done for!

See or BGG for the full rules.



Beautiful work!

And who doesn't love co-op games?

Nicely done.


Thank you

Thank you Mark!

It has been very educational and a lot of fun to have created every aspect of this game, from the mechanics to the artwork to publishing.

The playtests have shown such a cooperative spirit amongst the players with constant deliberation and tension. Great to see it in action.

If you want to see more material, please have a look on BGG.

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image | by Dr. Radut