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One of my Cards

One of my Cards

I thought it was about time to post one of my cards. This is my own art and nothing close to the final.


Out of context

Have you posted anything else about your game?
Without any point of reference it is difficult to understand the card.

You make an excellent point.

You make an excellent point. I did make one entry in my blog on this site. I'll post some more details in the future.


I love anything and everything about card games, and yes pls post your games rules and all, id be happy to read, review, or even help you with your card game. =)

Writing Rules

First of all thanks so much for the offer of help. I'll send you a PM. To fufill your request, I've been trying to write down the rules this morning, and I'm having a tough time of it. There is just no obvious starting point. I've got actions, that help you take cards, Lackeys and Totems. But you want those thing to help you with the actions. Then you have four mental stats that on on the cards, and help you with the actions. Their is a lot of circularity going on which I'm fairly proud of, but it makes it hard to explain.

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