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This looks really nice. I

This looks really nice. I like the presentation. The pouch color scheme mirroring a tennis ball is a great touch. Excellent format for an impulse buy at the front counter of a pro shop, so make sure you pitch them there and maybe offer sales arrangements to instructors, seeing as how this would be a fun way for newbies to learn the terminology, etc. You could even hit up your local trophy store, and see if they'd look to do an arrangement where they offer the game at $X on commission to anyone who buys a tennis trophy.

Have you encountered any durability issues with the pouches though? From the photos, they look like they are made from the nonwoven polypropylene common in low-end promotional, reusable shopping bags. Those have really poor tensile strength, which I don't imagine will be a problem with a dice bag, but they also tend to wear and degrade very quickly. The stuff I've handled had lots of problems with pilling.

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