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Prototype: Nightshade

Prototype: Nightshade

This is the only valid material I have so far. I have a lot of obsolete material for that game that I placed on other pictures.

The idea is that every player is playing a hero wannabe and they must work together to prevent the bad guy from achieving his evil master plan of doom. To do so, they must try to localize or intercept the the minions to prevent the plan from happening.

The first designs looked close to Arkham horror even if at that time, I never played AH. Now in the new design, the "bad guys" are played by a player. So it totally changes the game and have to redo everything from scratch. This is why I don't have much things.

The map design is more elegant in the old version but more functional in this version. So I am not sure yet if I am going to keep the map as it is.

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image | by Dr. Radut