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Raisin Cake dice game

Raisin Cake dice game

"Raisin Cake" is divided eight times. Red and blue dice are rejected in the end. Player with black bits possesses most valuable pieces. Cards are hidden till the end. "Raisin Cake" is inspired by federicolatini's game "Dice Pie".


I'm not sure how the game

I'm not sure how the game goes, could you post the rules?

"Raisin Cake" rules 1.0

Raisin Cake dice game

Mechanics "cut and possess". The aim of the game is to cut pieces of a cake, to mark pieces (one of two halves) your own and in the end, after several cuts, to be the owner of the most valuable pieces. Two players.


40 dice of at least four different colors ( 60 dice if 3 players )
4 white and 4 black wooden bits
a knife or a ruler
pen and paper


Players write a color name on paper and hide the paper. Named color dice are rejected when the result of the game is counted.

Pour all dice on the table and immediately make a 8 x 5 "cake" of them.


Players take turns to cut straight line cuts and to separate a group of dice into two groups. One cut per turn (mandatory). After separation, the player chooses one of the two just made groups and puts a wooden bit on the top of one dice in that group. Now the player possesses the marked dice (suppose the most valuable). And the whole group if the group will not be cut again. His turn is over.

White and black bits stay once they have been placed. Marked group can be cut again, but player ought not to put his bit to that half which is occupied by his opponent.

Four turns per player. Eight cuts in total during a game ( twelve if 3 players).


In the end the papers are revealed and written text colored dice are picked away. If a bit loses this way its underlying dice, bit still marks that group.

Players recognize their groups of dice and count all the values. Best total sum wins.


Eight cuts seem to produce nine groups. One group is not owned by neither player.
In my photo there's two extra bits on the playground. Do not pay attention on them.

And please, don't take Raisin Cake so seriously. There's so much stuff in forum. Can't comment everything.


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image | by Dr. Radut