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Sample "code wheel"

Sample "code wheel"

Hi all,

Here is a *preview* of the code wheel, I am still working on it. It's taking some time because I have to input the values one at a time and rotate each number 4.5 degrees!


No longer required

I have decided to remove the "Code Wheel" from my game. It had to do with some MAJOR restructuring of the game. I have dropped the card count from 158 to 70 cards. Since I had removed so many cards from the game, I also saw it fit to remove the code wheel since it was no longer necessary.

Prototype ready

Well I got one of these babies put together... not perfect but it's only a prototype, right? The wheels are supposed to rotate without affecting the other wheels. Like when you rotate the bottom most wheel (besides the bottom), it turns and preserves the above wheel values. GREAT, working like it is supposed to...

BUT the middle wheel sometimes makes the top wheel rotate also (ugh). Not exactly how it is supposed to behave - but it's only a prototype. I'm sure the finished wheel will have snazzy graphics and better assembly to ensure all wheels are properly centered.

For now, I'm happy the wheel is working MOSTLY like it should.

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image | by Dr. Radut