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Sample Reference Card

Sample Reference Card

I figured I'd upload a copy of the Game's Reference Card. This shows you the roles available to players. On each turn, the player gets to choose which role he will assume for that turn. Each role is relevant to the game even if some like the "Engineer" might not be used by casual gamers. Hardcore gamers might want to optimize the size of their deck and remove lower, starting cards from their deck.

The card also has a reminder of the two (2) rules used for configuring the two (2) types of starships: Fighter and Trade starships. Also as a reminder the Capacity rule is stated for players to remember that their starship configurations cannot exceed the starship's capacity!

For a reference card, I'm pretty happy the way it turned out (looks-wise). I think it articulates all the necessary quick-reference information for players (namely remembering roles and what their purpose is) and I even managed to get the starship rules (as asked by my playtesters).

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image | by Dr. Radut