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Sample Template - Duke

Sample Template - Duke

So I have been working on the templates for Crystal Heroes. The good news is that I am 75% done. Only 3 more cards to do before I am finished. I may extend designing for the other cards - we shall see. I'd hate to have an entire sheet of paper go to waste for only 1 card.

This template gives you a brief description of the content of the card. No doubt the layout might change a little with the artwork. But for now this is what I will be using as a prototype template.

Feel free to comment/give feedback!


How do you know which cards are "Blue"???

If the cards are Black & White, how do you know the correct color?

Well the short answer is "You don't!"

The more explanatory answer is that instead of using colors or names, I have used the Class' *icon* in the text. Looks pretty amazing in the templates. I will update the image ... during the week with the one with the Cross.

Much easier with the correct/matching icons!

Uploaded the NEW sample with the icon!

As you can see, now it is obvious which cards are affected by the Duke's Passive ability. Another note, that the ability is [3, 0]. This means that the ability is used in the 3rd Phase (After Combat) and that it costs 0 Mana to use (because it is Passive).

Delivered as promised!

Something noteworthy

This design has been through the initial testing stage several times... Each time I find that the game doesn't meet my expectations. So we'll see where this iteration leads us.

I am a bit positive that this time - the game might actually be enjoyable. But that remains to be seen post initial testing.

It's also been shifted to a "Micro Game" so the expectations of the complexity have also been reduced. Something quick and simple for 5-10 minutes of game play.

The goal is to be able to play best of three in under 30 minutes.

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