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ScrumBrawl Box Cover

ScrumBrawl Box Cover

This is the box cover for the first title by VicTim Games. ScrumBrawl is a board game where players control fantastic creatures vying for supremacy within an Arena, scoring goals by maneuvering various types of enchanted orbs into portals set within the Arena or fighting other creatures to the death to prevent them from reaching the portals. Our illustrator, Jason Brodmerkel, did a great job of getting the feel of the brawling creatures reaching for an orb.

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I saw this @ my local gaming shop today!

I saw this @ my local gaming shop today, and the art looked amazing! I am hoping to see and play a game @ kublaCon before committing to buy it (It was $40). But it really looks nice visually :-D

Board Game Geek

Yay! Finally made it into the BGG System!

You have a nice website but

You have a nice website but your game doesn’t exist to most of the world because no one has head of it or VicTim Games.

Get thy self listed on its free advertising.


Thanks for the advice! I've actually been going through the process of getting listed on BGG for the past two months. The response time between submissions and updates is a couple of weeks so it has taken a bit longer than I had hoped but we should be getting listed very soon.

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