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The Singularity Trap - new move orders interface

The Singularity Trap - new move orders interface


Sent you a couple PMs

You've probably invested a lot of time in "Singularity Trap"... But I'm not certain the game has "broad appeal" and can be played by let's say a 10 year old... It also probably doesn't have the appeal to various gamers such as pre-teens, teens, young adults (20s)...

But I can respect the amount of effort put into the game.

I understand what you mean about a "nest egg" and having a blanket to rely on once you "retire". That's why I PM-ed you... I think your efforts are noble... but perhaps you might be interested in a more appealing (meaning more approachable) game concept.

Anyways PM me back! I'll share with you some details. I'm not in denial, I know that the only way of getting the game made is with collaboration. And I also feel secure that without me as part of the team - there is no way the game will ever get made! I've invested many hours on the design... And so we can discuss many aspects...

Again I applaud your effort - I just think it might be good to explore another "genre" of game that may have a more *universal* appeal!

Cheers mate.

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