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Space Pirates!

Space Pirates!

I figured I'd share with the BGDF community one of the latest cards for "Tradewars - Homeworld".

I think this card came out pretty nice. Tell US what YOU think?!


Your cards look superb.

Your cards look superb.

When is your game coming out? Or is it already on the market?

Thanks for the thumbs up

The game is in it's 12th revision and was in the hands of one publisher for 11 months. They finally decided to pass on the game - and so I have contacted two (2) other publishers. One has already gotten back to me - and they had some questions regarding the game...

Hopefully they give "Tradewars - Homeworld" a chance to succeed in the market...

Also remember that the game will be OPEN for designing NEW scenarios and adding more ways to play the game. So designers should look for that as a way of supporting a game that wants to support the designer community.

sure is cool looking!

Looks great. Clean, clear. I don't know the context, but one thing...there appears to be a couple different font in use...make sure that they are not confusing. Are those both the number "1" in the two round icons and the yellow hexagons? The art is amazing!

About the fonts

Well I had Ed Wedig (one of the BGDF Graphic Artists) re-vamp the look & feel of the card. He worked on selecting BETTER fonts and helped me in suggesting using hexagons for the bottom text area.

Here's a sample (back in the early days) without the futuristic fonts:

If you compare the two, I think you'll agree his font selection makes the overall look & feel of the card MUCH better!

Thanks for the positive feedback...! :D

yep...newer look is better

I agree that the newer look is much better...more futuristic. I just don't want to confuse 1 with 7, depending on the fonts. It may not be an issue. Well done either way!

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