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Spatial Delivery - Bits

Spatial Delivery - Bits

A close-up of tiles, Trade Stations, Trade Routes, and Spaceships.


Looks very good. Is this some

Looks very good. Is this some kind of space version of settlers of catan ?

Nope, not Settlers

Thanks! No, it isn't a Settlers variant, although it does look like one because of the hexes, the Trade Stations at the corners, and the Trade Routes (aka "roads") along the edges. Spatial Delivery is a pickup-and-deliver game. Players build routes and trade stations near planets in space, compete for goods at Earth, then race to deliver those goods to the planets.

You can read about it in my Spatial Delivery game journal.

I like your game already even

I like your game already even though not played it yet. I have an inner gut feeling that it might be a hit.

Good luck with it. Hopefully I play it some day.


How did you do the planets? Are those open-licensed images, stock photos, or do you have some kind of generator? I've got a game that uses a lot of planet tiles in the works, and I intend to just do planet textures and render them on primitive spheres in Blender. If there's a dedicated tool, I'm all ears.

NASA Images

The space photography is all from NASA, and I believe it's in the public domain—although I don't worry about copyright when I'm making one-off prototypes. Since I don't self-publish, I don't have to license artwork.

But I recommend you start googling for NASA imagery. I used star-fields as backgrounds, Mars and a couple of Jovian moons as "Settled Worlds", and of course a nice shot of Earth.

No dedicated tool, sorry. That would be cool, though. :)

I'm making hundreds

My game is going to need dozens if not hundreds of distinct planet tiles (it's a sci-fi wargame on a massive scale, it hasn't left the thought experiment stage) but I'll probably write a method for quickly running them off in photoshop (or GIMP) and Blender. I'll tell you once I get it worked out...

Proof of Concept

Here. It's rather bad, but it proves the concept.

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image | by Dr. Radut