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SpellMasters: Encounter template

SpellMasters:  Encounter template

Here is my latest "template" for the prototype of "SpellMasters".

I think it overall looks pretty clean... And displays all the relevant information required by the card. A large space for the "Mimic"'s artwork and a smaller area to describe the "Special Abilities" or various other information regarding abilities of the encounter card.

Comments/Feedback welcome.

Please remember this is ONLY a "template" for the prototype. While it generally shows what the card layout might look like, it doesn't display the fully rendered template which will be handled by a Graphic Designer.



Description of the elements in the template

So at the top left we have a circle with the monster's "toughness". For this monster, the value is "1". That is the weakest amount and the amounts vary from "1" to "5".

In the top middle we have the "Name" of the monster, in our sample the "Mimic" (which for those of you who have never heard of it before; this is a monster that looks like a Treasure chest... It waits for greedy adventurers and gives them a chomping surprise!)

In the middle we see three (3) circles with letters and numbers. The first circle is the type of attack (Melee, Ranged, Flying), the second circle is the type of damage (Piercing, Blunt, Magical) and the third circle is how dangerous this monster is. In the Mimic's case, it's a "1" meaning it is one of the least dangerous monsters (in relation to the other monsters).

Next we have an "Event" which states when an ability may be triggered, followed by a "Response" which states what happens.

Lastly on the bottom-most area we have a bunch of wealth of more information. This information is the stats of the monster (aside from Toughness).

On the bottom left hand corner, we have Experience Points (XP) followed by the "Creep" value in our case 10 XP and +5 bonus XP as the minion's "Toughness" increases.

In the bottom middle area, we have the card numbering information.

And lastly of course on the bottom right hand corner, we have Damage dice (a d4 with a Creep of +1) and HP (5 hit points with a Creep of +2).

I still feel like all that information is there on the card - but it's not too overwhelming. I think the template will do a good job on getting across the "Encounter" information.

Tell me what you guys/gals think?!

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image | by Dr. Radut