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SpellMasters: Lore template #1

SpellMasters:  Lore template #1

Here is my latest "template" for the prototype of "SpellMasters".

I think it overall looks pretty clean... And displays all the relevant information required by the card. A large space for the crosswords area and a smaller area to allow for some "Flavor Text" for this Lore card.

Comments/Feedback welcome.

Please remember this is ONLY a "template" for the prototype. While it generally shows what the card layout might look like, it doesn't display the fully rendered template which will be handled by a Graphic Designer.



Some explanations

  • "Purple" tiles are DOUBLE the letter bonus.
  • "Red" tiles are for ENCOUNTER a monster (and therefore a battle ensues).
  • "Black" tiles are for DISCARD at the end of a level.
  • "Green" tiles are for QUEST connections (as defined in the default storyline - in order).

So "Purple" is pretty understandable, 2x the letter value. When a "Red" tile is played, the Encounter begins and it's time to choose which Wizards will be fighting the level monster. "Black" tiles are letters which at the end of a round, go into a player's "discard tiles". These tiles can be played during the next level at any time the card is required (on a player's turn obviously...) And lastly the "Green" tiles are the letter connections for the storyline or in-order completion of the game (non-randomized).

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image | by Dr. Radut