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HI, This image is from the future card artwork of the game Three Tours of War. This card in particular is a 'Sniper" card, a dilemma a player must face in the game.
The image is a little dark on this post, so i hope you can make out the scene being played out.


love your stuff.

you and your friend OATS are some pretty crafty people!
from what ive seen so far, you guys make a good team.

Size matters

Have you actually printed this in the size the card will have? This kind of low contrast image with lots of details could be very hard to look at / distingish (sp?). I take the card will have some text/icons on it to describe the effect, so it won't be printed in landscape. Does this image work for an area of half a regular-sized card?

PS nice drawing BTW, this could make a box front!

thanks for the comments,

thanks for the comments, these were the issues I have worried about with such a small printable area, assuming that it will printed on a standard playing card size. the card will have text and icons explaining the mechanics as usual. the fate of this image might be that of promo art or as suggested on the actual box.
thank you again.

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image | by Dr. Radut