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warriors within card backing

warriors within card backing

this is a mock up of a card backing using the title "Warriors Within" for my fighting card game. what do you think?

a showcase photo of the sample cards can be seen here

i intend to add some subtext next to the lower "W", something like "the martial arts fighting card game", to fill up the gap if not to clarify itself to avoid infringement, you think its necessary in either respect?

and ill defitnitely change the card frame accordingly with what the eventual backing will look like


Nicely done.

I love the way this looks. To the point, strong positioning and keep the WW skew design intact while giving full description. As an iconic view I assume you could always just use the WW (skewed) without the text and still keep true to the branding.

The showcase of cards looks great. All hand drawn on the card, or digital then printed?

Nicely done.

the card border designs were

the card border designs were done in PS, the drawings were hand drawn with marker, scanned, and applied onto the cards. the composites were then printed and cut, put in card sleeves to make what you saw in the pic from the link

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image | by Dr. Radut