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Water Planet

Water Planet

Textures created in MapZone this time. I kind of like doing these...



Yeah, it doesn't really belong. Makes it look too small, somehow. I wanted it to look sort of shiny, but the actual specular highlight is too much

Have you checked out Filter Forge?

I sell textures and am actually quite profficient in making textures and have looked a lot into mapzone. Benefits are it is free, but I would strongly encourage any texture artist to check out


I'll check this out. It is, in theory, a very cool idea. Mapzone is very limited by the very small number of alphas it comes with. I don't have photoshop, but this looks like a real improvement. If I ever get photoshop, I'll be picking this up. It is pricey, though.

Maybe you could do a "how-to" on these textures...

brisingre wrote:
Textures created in MapZone this time. I kind of like doing these...

Just an idea, but maybe you could do a step by step tutorial on making these textures. The how-to feature on the site is made for exactly that. It would be a tremendous help for some people on this site (like myself!) who are graphic-illiterate.

Of course, it would mean more time to capture the screens and crop the images for the tutorial than it takes to create these textures (the comment on a previous texture said it took only five minutes to whip it up...). But still, if you have the time to create a how-to, it could be a very valuable tool...


Love too

I'll do it at some point. I don't know how good it'll be.

Remove specularity

I love it but remove the specularity, keep up the good work.

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