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A Wooden Cylinder Token

A Wooden Cylinder Token

A wooden cylinder token with holes in both ends. If the light goes through, the two pieces between are in right position. The token can be used to reveal hidden information in a game, and allows player to test her guess. If the guess is incorrect, the right option is kept hidden.


I like this!

I have a copy of i9n which uses punch boards to determine wells drying up. I think with a few of these pieces thrown together blindly at the start of a game, you could have a nice deduction device.

i9n used a stick that would be plunged through the hole... that is the route I would go... as it could let you know some information (like I know the 2 left #'s are correct) without letting all the information out.

I would love to follow this project if you want input or a playtester... I am all about deduction as a game mechanic... just message me here or on BGG.

Thanks for a reply

I wasn't familiar with i9n, so thanks for introducing it to me. Now I have been reading rules of i9n. The game works in a very clever manner.

In thread people throwed a bunch of advice and ideas and I'm still digesting them. Not sure, if able to proceed any longer. If you can, go ahead, please.

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