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WIP: Dymino Monsters

Just added Pirates of Ivory Island to the main monster list. The list is now at 1,954. I have three categories left for deck 3 to finish with the descriptions and deck 3 will be complete. Then off to work on the descriptions for the large infantry decks.

The infantry decks are three single decks. Each infantry deck has 7 different infantries. The Gray Dominators deck has monster cards from the world locations. There are about 100+ monsters included with the Gray Dominators infantry deck.


Bows respectively

Thank you everyone for the game support, the views and feedback on my game post for Dymino Monsters. Your support never goes unnoticed. Thank you everyone.

Never in my wildest dreams by updating every now and then that the post views would skyrocket the way they have been. I am blown away by the views counter. I must be doing something right?

I love designing games and updating the progress, if it's here on bgdf or Facebook. I haven't been updating board game geek in a very long time, but that's okay. The game isn't finished yet. Well as we all know the first 21 chapter decks are. Now for the next 4 novels for this game universe project to work on. It's all in good timing.

Thank you everyone once again.


Brand new update

During break at work today, I have decided to add world weather effect cards to the play field to make the game realistic during combat situations. This can also be advantage or disadvantage to the players along their journey through TriiDorium.

How many weather effects? Not sure yet because I will making a list, checking twice and looking it over in the next few weeks to write the effects for each weather pattern and the trouble it may bring along the way.

I have also started to work on the character playing cards. I wrote and drew up the first character card last night. So far so good. It's a rough draft on a index card just like every card in the prototype I created.


Pantech: Blackberry

Its cheap because I work on a farm. Don't need a 400 dollar phone being dropped or smashed by something I could have avoided. Not only working with hay, equipment repairs etc, I'm also working with recycling metals and heavy lifting metals etc. But thank you for the information. I have considered a nicer phone but in my line of work (play) it just isn't worth it. But I will keep that in mind. Thank you.

Update to Dymino Monsters

Started working on the point system for infantry decks. Blue Protectors point system is complete. Working on the neutral deck: Warriors of Osconia. This deck has 6 infantry units. Archers, Engineers, Farmers, Humbata (Bird Mount), Soldiers and Warriors.


All Infantry decks have been completed with the point system. Now working on the deck called, Rise of the Titans.

WIP: Rise of The Titans point system

Its been awhile since I have added anything to the Dymino Monsters updates. So here it is. Its not much information but just alittle something something. Anyways, I jotted down the point system to Rise of The Titans deck. Points are from +40 to +50 points. One Titan name has been changed to Razor Whale. All Titans will be seperated per 1 Titan to coorrespond to each of the chapters in the first novel game. Razor Whale is just one Titan that the characters will encounter in the Sea of Opsis deck.

Major change since last post and since 2015.

Some Names for these titans have been changed and the point system has been upgraded. The highest attack there is for one Titan is 5,000 and the defense is 2,500.

The Rise of the Titans deck still consists of 30 titans and even with the name changes even the animal type has changed to.


Major change

Some Names for these titans have been changed and the point system has been upgraded. The highest attack there is for one Titan is 5,000 and the defense is 2,500.

The Rise of the Titans deck still consists of 30 titans and even with the name changes even the animal type has changed to.


WIP: Dymino Monsters, 3rd deck flavour text editing.

Update: while redediting the flavour text of Sacred Stars 3RD deck, there are 4 cards that needed to be edited due to overpower and adding an extra game mechanic to the card game that doesn't need to be in there. So it was taken out except for the flavour text which needs to be edited. Simple. The first card of the edit process is called "Heat Sink". At first the card reads, "When this card is on the field, it removes all of opponent's cards from the battle field to discard pile." Nope. This text is wrong for two reasons. 1) to powerful for this monster and 2) it has nothing to do with what the monster is or about. The new edit now reads, "When in combination of shutting down the opponent's machine monsters in their draw pile, Heat Sink drains all of the air element monsters from draw pile to discard pile." We talk about the other 3 cards shortly.

WIP: Dymino Monsters Update

Since there are already characters to play as during the course of game play and with a ranking system, we have decided to work on a solo version for Dymino Monsters. In the infantry decks, the game is a 3 player version. Normal game play is a versus version campaign.

In other news:

Our monster list is now upto 1,960 original monsters.

WIP: Dymino Monsters monster list:

12 new monsters have been created this evening putting the monster list at 1,972.

Its been while, new Update;

Update; created new land and sea monsters for the Sea Of Opsis Deck. The monsters are called Dragonels. Half dragon half eel. There is a Dragonel unit of 2,000 soldiers. Other cards are knight, warriors, guards. Etc. The newest monster that I have added is called a Saber Squid. The Saber Squid is an underwater monster. The Saber differential is of its large saber tooth fangs. Derived from the saber tooth cat description. The Dymino Monster list is now at 2,018.

This deck

This deck has been pulled and scraped from the game.
I also looked up the dragonel name and even though I thought it was an original name , the name has already been created in the Super Mario game franchise. That is alright anyways. But this was a few years back anyways. No night.


Saturday of this weekend

Was at a friend's music gig and I jotted down 15 new sea monsters for the Sea of Opsis deck.

Almost 2,000 WOW!

Stormyknight1976 wrote:
Our monster list is now upto 1,960 original monsters.

Wow that is a LOT! I have a hard enough time trying to think up 15 good instant cards let alone almost 2,000 monsters! If they have special abilities that is some serious sh!t... Not sure what your ultimate goal is for all these monsters - which leads me to this question... Why so many? Are there various editions (like divided into 300 card editions)??? Do you have other cards to make for this game to work?


Players or the characters will be traveling through out the Rygar Empire and other continents to get help from allies and other factions that have not been seen within the realm for the characters being involved. Our hero is told by his father King John to gather forces from neighboring regions, due to the Empire being slaughtered by the Dygar Empire from the West. The game is set in high fantasy on its own earth like planet. The game also has 5 novels to compensate for so many monsters, allies, and other beings within the realms of the habitat. All decks can be combined or set as each single deck of 60 monsters and 20 weapons for a total of 80 cards or no weapons and just monsters. Players can choose from a number of characters from the novels. GOOD, VILLIAN or even NEUTRAL characters.

Here is the low down so far.

The first chapter deck has 8 different elemental categories. The second chapter has 8 new elemental with 2 extra cards added. The third chapter deck has 10 new different elemental categories and 2 extra cards in one of the catgeories. And yes each monster has its own unique skill. No skill is duplicated. Some monsters will have weapon skills with a positive effect or a skill effect that also has a positive and negative effect or just one negative effect. Each novel and chapter will encounter new monsters and allies or villain with a chapter booklet and world map that is half drawn to show where the monsters enhabit.

There is so much more information,

But my phone keeps telling me error time page logout expired. So this is why i have trouble writing longer posts. So oh well. This is why I update WIP: UPDATES in short hand.

One thing I found that works well

I'm not sure what os your phone has but if its android then download a free text editor. They take up very little space but you can write crap loads then just copy, login, paste and post. Its how I get such long posts done on most sites. Its also how I code my sites.

Library element category

Last night I had worked on writting descriptions down. Only got 5 complete. Working on the remaining 5 descriptions this morning and some tonight. The next two categories are Space and Circuit elements. The Space deck is 2/3 complete with descriptions. The circuit deck is not complete with descriptions. Update: May 28, 2013 12:37am I started on the library category cards again and re-edited some of the cards for better understanding. Of course in the future the words for each description of the cards may be simplified again. Which is fine by me. Yesterday evening I started the work around 9:40pm and finished all 10 cards of their descriptions of the library category at 12:37am. The next two categories are the Space and Circuit categories. Stay tuned for more updates.

Update: The 3rd deck is complete.

Finished the 3rd chapter deck on June 4 2013 at 12:36 am. It took 5 years and 1 hour to come up with the descriptions. The wait was worth it. Working on the point systems for the large infantry card decks.

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