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Food web - cardgame for 2-4 players

Food web

55 cards
4x5 counters

Players take turns in clockwise order and have 1 option from 5:
1) they can play their cards in the forest (cards in table) to suitable food (f.e. play wolf to rabbit etc.)
to form food-chains. Playing the card player also put his/her counter on played card.
2) eat the food if there're no other players who want this card and Your card or You are the strongest pretendent for it.
3) abandon food.
4) change cards from hand for card from forest.
5) discard card, draw new card.

There're about 18 different type of cards in 5 levels in the game + some bonuscards.
Level 5 cards are top-predators like wolf, bear, lynx.
Level 1 cards are the weakest links like berries, plant, bugs, nuts etc.

The game ends if there're no cards in card-pile and players read the points
(top-left corner of the card). Player who has the most points is winner.
Who has more counters gets bonus points.

Check attached image for possible 3-player game situation with multiple food-chains

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