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a sample of every card currently in a card game i am making, theme is obviously MMA. The game still has no title


Can you put up only 1 sample - but bigger?

Do you think you could only display ONE (1) card but in bigger size - just to have a better look at the artwork. They are rather *small* in this sample.

Like I said earlier I like the artwork - BUT I would like a closer look-see! :)

you viewing it only in

you viewing it only in preview size? cause the original size is pretty large

Oh didn't know there was another size...

Ya learn something everyday! Thanks I took a better look using the *Original* format.

You did a real good job making the MMA *moves* look like they are "actions" (urgency, speed, etc.)

I like your artwork

Even though your artwork is only B&W, I still think it looks good!

Keep up the good work.

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image | by Dr. Radut