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[WIP + PnP] Scribe's Arena - Fantasy-based Word-Solving Game | Stage: Playtesting + PnP

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Hello BGDF!

I’m Jason, the designer of Scribe’s Arena. This is a fantasy-themed word-solving game for 2-4 players. Players take on the role of scribes, create words, and race to solve their opponent’s first with the help of powerful God Powers, Ally Abilities, and Spell Cards.

The game’s idea and development started 8 years ago, and now it is ready for a much wider audience.

We recently demoed the game in Strategicon 2013 in LA, California, and the reception was amazing. It is definitely a game you want to check out and play for yourself…and now you can!

Here are the resources:

Print and Play:

Youtube Links (excuse the novice video making): : Prototype Showcase : PnP Explanation : Rules and Explanation

Useful Links: :
Official Page – Featuring news of Scribe’s Arena, an overview of the game, and a look at some of the artwork. :
Facebook Page – Like us on Facebook to support us, get the latest updates, and join giveaways. :
Strategicon Photo Album – Have a look at the demo event in Strategicon.

*A fresh new take on the word-solving genre that is fresh and fun
*Over 100 pieces of beautiful, original artwork to set the fantasy theme of the game
*Immense replay value with the endless combination of battlefields, god cards, ally cards, and spell cards - Not to mention the limitless words you can use every game!

What are you waiting for? Have a look at Scribe’s Arena today!

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Do you just CHOOSE a letter?

I watched all 3 videos and my comment is on the "Playing" video (Rules and Explanation).

Do you just simply GUESS a letter of your choice? This wasn't clear... I however read the manual and it made much more sense (explaining the three (3) different types of guesses: letter, special and word).

The other comment I had was: Great job! I think the artwork looks fantastic.

How many artist did you use to make the game? There seems to be a lot of artwork!

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Yep, a letter of your choice

Normal and Special guesses are a letter of your choice. If you successfully guess it, you can mark it off your game board (or if playing with paper, you can write the letter beside the spaces of the word - much like Hangman).

One think I would point out is the Turn Order - at the end of every turn you get a Normal Guess. Special Guesses just mean they are extra guesses beside your regular normal guess.

Thanks a lot for your compliment: They are a team of artists, and also some connections of mine, and I'm glad you like it!

Joined: 07/05/2013

Here is an informative poster on why you should try out Scribe's Arena: .

Also, the BGG game entry is approved. If you have played the game before (either in a convention, using the PnP, or I have sent you a prototype, etc), please give me a review @!

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