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Update : Dymino Monsters.

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Joined: 04/08/2012
October 16, 2021 update

Only 431 encounters left to create for the entire game of Dymino Monsters.

I finally got time to cut in half the 8 factions Transportation cards and 30 minutes ago, I finished that task.

Yesterday early morning, as usual, I wrote text for Flowers of The North.

No point system for any of these faction cards.

I also made edits of how many feasible transportation systems will be use per factions.

Here is the transportation categories each faction will likely have due to resources.

Land (cart , animal mount)
Sea (wood and steel vessels)

Stay tuned for more updates on Dymino Monsters.

Bows respectfully;

Thank you everyone for the ongoing support, interest in a long awaited journey to be complete.


Joined: 04/08/2012
October 24, 2021 update

The last 9 days I've been working and editing the Transportation details for the 10 factions.

Here are the last 2 factions I'm working on.

Trueheart State: No longer has land Transportation.
Trueheart State only has balloons and blimps.

Triidor Empire: Added 9 variety of bird units. Each bird unit has 6 cards each. That's 54 new cards. Birds per card: 100 - 600.
Sea Transport: 4 ship unit types.

I have 2 land types to figure out for Triidor Empire left.

King Dehm: Land Transportation is all that's left to figure out.

Then to move on to the 431 meta and steam encounters.


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October 24, 2021 Oct New update

October 24, 2021
Dymino Monsters 2004-2021
4:45 am

Balletonean: I removed the sea Transportation.

King Dehm: I removed the sea Transportation.

Transportation Prototype cards are complete with names.

No point system written yet.

Now on to the very last prototype cards of 431 Encounters.

Then on to digital format.

Creator of Dymino Monsters: Jesse

Joined: 04/08/2012
October 26, 2021 Update

October 25, 2021

I started working on the prototype cards for the last 431 cards from 10 PM to 12:28 am this morning on October 26, 2021 while watching 2 movies.

Last night October 25, 2021

I divided the decks into 2 sets.

October 26
17 new meta / diesel powered machines out of 215. 198 names to be filled in and original for this deck.

There are 6 circuit/machines in the deck with a new encounter card. 206 names to be filled in and original for this deck.

Now your all wondering, "What's with the last card that makes 431?" Glad you all asked. Sorry, I can not discuss of this small detail. ????

Stay tuned for more updates on Dymino Monsters.


Side Note:
16 tasks left to complete my Dymino Monsters game.

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Nov 2, 2021 Dymino Monsters Update

4:53 am

The metal / machine encounters and circuit / machine encounters prototype cards are complete.

106 metal / machine encounters

60 circuit / machine encounters

No point system yet.

New Story arc:

Dymino Monsters: Twin Sisters will be including the 2 decks in this post. The decks will divided into chapter decks. How many? Not sure yet. It might be 6 chapters for this story arc.

In other news:

The last 12 characters (diesel punk storyline) still need their weapon skill technique cards. Which may or may not have 720 cards in all. Probably half maybe the entire 720 cards.

60 cards each times 12 characters is 720.

In other news:
Falconry card ability might be reinstated into the game system. I've been thinking about this feature for most of this year. Still not sure yet. Once I make up my mind, I'll let you all know.

I'm also thinking of adding a mining resource and tree felling resource into the game. Not sure yet.

You all read it here first.

All prototype cards are complete from the factions, location encounters of the factions, gem categories are complete but again no point system text written yet.

That means, the entire Encounter list complete. Other than the weapon skill technique cards.


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Nov 15, 2021 Dymino Monsters Update

5:15 PM

I have completed the Dymino Monsters: Book of Knowledge with 104 hand written pages.

What is the next task?

1: Dieselpunk characters weapon skill techniques list and to fill out the cards.

2: Diesel punk point system to be filled out.

3: Gem Location point system to be filled out.

4: Faction encounters point system to be filled out.

5: Chapter deck back stories.

6: Diesel punk characters story lines to be written.

7: Play mats to be drawn and hand colored.

8: Last 4 Movie production manuscripts to be written.

9: All information to be put on digital format.

There are 7 books that make up the entire Dymino Monsters game system.

1: Dymino Monsters Rules
2: Armor Encyclopedia
3: Book of Knowledge
4: Character Encyclopedia
5: Constellations Encyclopedia
6: Monsters Encyclopedia
7: Weapon Encyclopedia

1: Triidorium Production Manuscript

Joined: 04/08/2012
December 7 2021 update

The newest addition to Dymino Monsters:

Dymino Monsters:
Dymin Collection Sets 1-4.

Set1: 100 cards
Set2: 100 cards
Set3: 100 cards
Set4: 109 cards

32 categories
Remaining 117 non categorized cards

That will be the final set. 2,825 encounters for Dymino Monsters and with all brand new encounter names.


November 28-30, 2021
Wrote 12 new monster encounters

December 6, 2021
Wrote 33 new monster encounters

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I'm just

I'm just being creative and to inspire you all from my perspective and experience in story writing, world building and artwork and game mechanics.


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Going back to the start ...

Stormyknight1976 wrote:
I'm just being creative and to inspire you all from my perspective and experience in story writing, world building and artwork and game mechanics.

I think in an endeavor such as yours... It's hard to follow because you are "jumping" around from one topic to another as you see fit. So while you may get the impression that your comments are understood ... To most of us it is just "gibberish" ... Because we have no reference point as to when this all started and is it in chronological order or not!

At one point in time, it maybe good to review from the beginning what are your "core" packs (or content), how you are planning to box them and what exactly they are like "Faction #1" 100/100 cards done.

And I didn't mean "gibberish" in a bad manner ... Just that most of us don't have any reference point as to where you are at and what is left (since you seem to be doing things "per chapter"). This leads me to believe that having a topic about "Chapter #1" (The real FIRST chapter in the game), describing what is going to be in it (like I said "Factions 1-?" and 100/100 cards done and completed) may yield more interest and understanding.

Like I said (for me) I don't know where you are at. And so these posts which may be understood by you because you know exactly where you are at ... Don't make much sense other than explaining some KIND of "progress" but how does it fit with the bigger picture... No clue!?

Again keep up the good work. You seem entrenched in the details of your game. Which is good... you enjoy designing. It would just be nice to have a chronological order (or release order if you prefer) and maybe categorize what is in that first release and then ... Once everyone understands that... Then maybe you can move on to Chapter #2... (for example) Cheers!

Note #1: Also in the very FIRST chapter is there an isometric map or not?! If so, how many (there could be more than one)...? To make it clear and obvious what you plan to release... My guess is even if I go to the very first entries in this thread... You still won't have "Chapter #1" with all it's content in one clear and concise comment. Most likely you'll be jumping around from one topic to another as you define things clearer for you.

But like I said, just because it is clear to YOU, doesn't mean that the World understands what you have written or said that you've done.

Note #2: I went back to the first posts in this thread and surely enough ... You talk about THOUSANDS of cards designed (2,000+) and adding more cards gradually. Again this all sounds like "giberish" because most people cannot wrap their minds around 100 out of 100 cards done and designed.

So it's very hard to understand what it is you are DOING and what it is you are actually working on.

IF your goal is transparency and NOT "confusion" ... Don't worry ... I know of some designers that specialize in "confusion"... I swear they say they are doing all kinds of things and have all kinds of files... But try to make sense of any of it ... And everyone would be lost.

As I was saying if you want to be transparent... Start a NEW thread which is NOT time dependent like you journals (which also jump around from one topic to another) and it can be a BLOG (perhaps) and start saying: "The game will be divided into CHAPTERS and this is the content of the very FIRST Chapter: ..."

When you will do that... Everyone will be like "AHHHHH!" So now it makes sense his first release will be "X"! As described in your BLOG about the game.

Again this is just as a way of being transparent with everyone. Don't worry about copying... Nobody can design like you do. It is nearly impossible to copy to a level of certainty ANYTHING. There could be knock-offs at some point in time (if you make the game in China). But for now, you don't need to worry about that.

This is just if you want to help the World better understand what it is you have been designing.

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Joined: 04/16/2011

Are your "Chapters" parts of Books (or Novellas)??? If so you should start with: "The game is a series of 'Y' Books containing 'Chapters' related to the game."

The cite the First Book and the number of chapters in it... Then start a NEW comment: "Book #1, Chapter #1 is called 'Z' and it contains these cards (and/or Factions) 100/100 done and completed."

Then the next comment should be "Chapter #2" with it's content and so forth.

This more logical and chronological version of the content will go miles further in terms of EXPLANATION and UNDERSTANDING by everyone. At least everyone who understands English.

But jumping around just ADDS to the "confusion". Nothing is clear and it gives us the impression that your design is very "messy" and un-ordered. Which may be true and may NOT be true...

Just trying to make sense of what it is you are working on!

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Also ...

If you want to be more transparent... You could also do a bit of EXPLANATION about the "Books" and what the story-arc is of each book (divided into several game chapters).

"Book #1 is all about the great western adventure and takes part on the dusty moon of 'xyz'..." For example.

This also gives us a bit of insight into WHAT it is your games are about. Don't be afraid of "secrecy" ... Nobody will design 2,000+ monsters or characters or whatever... Your design is far too complicated and even the narrative of the story. So what you explained the content (arc) of the story. BIG DEAL. Nobody will design all the content (isometric maps, creatures, heroes, villains, items, etc.) for these chapters either.

Do you see what it is that I am saying??? I think you worry too much about the amount of "secrecy" and think that millions of people are reading your posts. The truth is it's probably in the hundreds and TBH nobody understands any of it...

Like I said, IF (and I mean REALLY IF) you want people to UNDERSTAND what it is you are working on... You'll start a BLOG from the beginning explaining how you plan to divide this great adventure and again, don't be worried about "secrecy". The less paranoid you are ... the better everyone understand what it is you want to "bring to life".


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Joined: 04/16/2011
Oh yes ... I forgot to say

Please continue your work-in-progress and feel free to "jump around" including your journals and so forth. I do this too... Sometimes I get ideas about another design and "jump around a bit too"... If you ask any Game Designer, they'll all probably tell you that nothing is LINEAR. It's only when you achieve some level of solidity that you can make a linear BLOG (as I suggested previously).

So it is normal to go from one topic to another because that's how it evolves naturally. But for the rest of the humans out there... Linear reading is the only way that they will understand what it is you plan to do.

I also do this too... Something write a BLOG entry that re-explains some of my previous ideas but in a different angle or light. After some more thinking the design has "crystallized" and can be better explained.

We all write "technical" gibberish ... It's how most people design games. Think of it if you were writing a BOOK from "Start" to "Finish". That's how most people in the World understand content.


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Joined: 04/16/2011
And why is this important???

Well I feel like nobody will understand what it is you are TRYING to share with the World. I certainly don't understand what any of your updates are about... They are "vague", "technical", "have no background", etc. To sum it up: they seem to be some kind of work progress but related to what... IDK!?

And BTW the BLOG that I suggested... Try your Book #1 and Chapters #1 to #3. If you do this... SEE the "reaction" from the other Game Designers. If nobody is at all interested, well IDK what that means... Maybe work harder. If people comment and like it... More or less the rest of the World will read and understand too!

Job accomplished. You don't need to do EVERYTHING. Start with something simple as I have suggested. From there you'll see with people's reaction: "Is it worth continuing to post in the BLOG?"

My guess is most people will be impressed and want to know MORE! That's my own personal thoughts... But your concept with all its gibberish sounds cool... So I wouldn't dismiss it yet.

Why is this at all important??? If you expect someone to even TRY to Publish or even Understand what you have created... You're going to have to do this exercise for certain. Consider this a FREE, no repercussions TRY. If you do it poorly people won't be interested. If you do it right, people may want to know more, etc.

Keep working at it... You're doing a great job so far!

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