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Super-Bee! version .05

Super-Bee! v5 board

After I've went through all the play testing levels (self-tested, family and friends play testing, groups and blind play testing) for Super-Bee! v.03 I managed to get some crucial feedback regarding the mechanics. I paid attention to all the suggestions players made and improved the game play altogether.

So, the basic, what is Super-Bee! all about:
- all the players are using the same pawn placed in the middle of a hexagonal board, containing 61 hexes;
- 60 tokens are placed on the board's hexes face-down;
- a D3 dice is used; the players roll the dice and move the number of spaces accordingly to the number on the dice; they can move in any direction, but only in straight line!
- the tokens gives players different powers: collect random tokens, roll the dice twice in the same turn, collect all the tokens closest to your pawn etc;

At the moment I am redesigning the board and also the logo and I would appreciate your suggestions.

Please see the attached picture

So, for the first part please ignore the logos and focus just on the board. It has to be a hexagon containing 61 hexes. The hex in the middle of the board is the start point (and it will contain the logo). I also need 6 storage "spaces" for each player (maximum 6).

For the second part please ignore the board and focus on the logos: which one do you thing it will be suited for a Super Bee?

Thanks in advance!
PS. A better view of the pic here:


Game Board

Hey A.

Just a thought I had for your game board. Take a look at a hexagon laid upon another hex rotated 45 degrees. The top hex angles bisect the lines of the bottom hex providing much more interesting look and providing six natural 'storage locations'. If you don't understand, just ask me for a visual. It tool me 2 minutes to draw one up in Paint.

Hi. I would love to see a

Hi. I would love to see a draw of what you are saying. I'm not sure if I understand what you are suggesting. Sorry for the late reply. :)

The name doesn't do it for

The name doesn't do it for me. It makes me think of Spelling Bee, the old Dodge car, and the Super Why children's show.

The idea came after combining

The idea came after combining "Superman" or any Super hero with the bee. My main character is a bee... so that's why I've chosen super bee, but I kind of understand were you are coming from.
Any suggestions for the name? :)

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