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Monster Keep: Sample Card - Template

Monster Keep: Sample Card - Template

Here is my first "draft" of a "Monster Keep" mercenary from the Order Clan.

Let me explain the layout:

  • (Top Left) = the unit's Clan
  • (Top Right) = the RPS information
  • (Middle) = both the Basic and Advanced modes of attack
  • (Bottom Left) = level and health
  • (Bottom right)= 12 digit unit code

The games levels go from 1 (10 health) to 50 (500 health)!

The 12 digit unit code would be used by the website when building a deck for play.

The RPS information indicates beats (middle), attack (top), and duel (bottom) info.

How to read the Basic and Advanced attacks:

  • [*count*] *cost**type*
  • *count* = # of times you may use this ability
  • *cost* = # of tokens required each time used
  • *type* = The type of token required: Food, Bloodlust, Treasure

Oh yeah, and don't forget you get one (1) FREE Basic attack per player.

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image | by Dr. Radut