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My First Expansion!

Star Trek Five-Year Mission sales are going well and although I have not seen the 4th quarter numbers yet the president and the head developer think we are good to do an expansion.

Each of us has different ideas on what the expansion should be. We have spoken about doing one of the other series Voyager or DS9 but my initial idea coming into this was an add on pack of small expansions much like the Traders & Barbarians expansion for Catan.

I have already started testing on the complications deck which adds difficulty to alerts already in play and it’s looking good so far but will need much more testing to be sure. The Mayfair sales team will be testing that one tonight. This weekend I’ll do some testing of my own and try to finish two other decks: Away Missions that require crew to leave the ship and handle the alert on their own & Special Orders which will change the games objective.



Just wanted to congratulate you - designing an Expansion has to be on every Designer's bucket list! :P


thats awesome news! well deserved quest.

Great Job!

We don't have nearly enough successful stories out here ~ congrats on your achievements!


That's awesome Dralius. Keep up the great work.

The tests

The sales team said they completed the game with only one failed alert in a 7 player game over 30 player turns. It takes 5 failed alerts to loose. They were playing to 12 points. Not exactly what i was going for. I ran a test with 5 players also playing to 12 points and they found it challenging failing 3 alerts. I plan on doing a few more test before updating the complications deck again.

Tested the away mission add

Tested the away mission add on. It defiantly made the game harder but it may be a bit broken for 3 or 4 players as it ties up player's to specific away missions. If you have more away missions to go one than you have players there is no way to deal with this and you need at least one crew member on the Enterprise or it runs out of control quickly.

Rewriting the rules to address this.

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