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The Manufacturing Process for Highly Detailed Plastic Miniatures

1, contact your physical sculptor to make your models, or turn to your 3D CAD designer(3D modeler) to make 3D CAD files or 3D models according to your 2D artists.

2, Send either of the above to an industrial manufactuer which is top experienced with high detailed miniatures.

3,Lijia Game Production will give you trun-key tooling solution, industrial manfuacturing feasibility, mold cavities configuration, options of material based on your request of high durometer or soft miniatures, pricing, and timing, etc.

4, Lijia Game Production make resin prototypes based on silcon mold(master mold), and maybe have some adjustment for some details in order to meet actual industrial production situation.

5, Lijia Game Production send you resin samples to show what the later mass products of miniatures/minis will look in order to get your approval.

6, Lijia Game Production make expensive steel production mold. Normally need 30 days.

7, After molds are completed, Lijia Game Production send you tooling samples of miniatures prior to production, then start mass production.The unit price will be much cheaper under industrial mass production.Mass production normally need 30 days.

Lijia Game Production Co., Ltd.

More information for inventer's ideas of miniature game:

Most of miniature manufacturers have in-house 3d artists who will make the models based on your concept arts. Some of the manufacturers will insist on using their artists because producing a 3d model suitable for molding requires specific experience.Freelance artist might be slightly cheaper, but you risk the situation where a miniature manufacturer will tell you that your models can't be produced, and you will be forced to pay twice. Not everything that you can model and 3d print, can be industrially mass-produced with reasonable cost.

If you have local 2D artist and 3D CAD designers, you normally have quick and smooth communication with them to get models for consequent miniature manufacturer's quick tooling solution which will be based on cost-effective ideas and industrial feasibility.

Normally prototyping charge will be USD100/pcs. Prototyping time is 10 days or so. These prototypes will show what the later mass produced miniatures will look.

Normally next tooling process will need 30 days or so. Tooling charge will be according to your miniature specificaiton and quantity, complexity, etc.

Can I get hard rigid plastic miniature figurines instead of soft PVC miniatures?

Yes. It's available. But when your contacting the manufacturer, please remember to firstly tell them what you need is hard rigid miniature instead of soft miniatures.Different request will has different industrial tooling solution and material prescription. Furthermore, unit pricing is also a little different. Forgetting tell them this request at first stage will lead to heavy loss/big waste of money because the tooling charge for high detailed miniature is normally very expensive. The moulds for soft PVC miniatures is fully different from moulds for hard rigid miniatures.

Lijia Game Production Co., Ltd.


Not a legitimate question

Ha! I thought this was a designer asking a question for which I could actually supply an answer...well, I guess not :)

You don't!!!

It's far too EXPENSIVE! Remember Scythe costs $80.00... And they have a bunch of different minis from characters to mechs.

Unless you are Mantic (specialize in Miniatures only games)... best to leave minis to someone else until maybe you have already designed and sold several games.

To me (and this is my personal vision), I see designing as a progression. You start with something small and compact, and then you get bigger and better at understanding and making good games.

I am amazed when people launch a 4X game that is HUGE!!! But at the same time, is has to be said, those people have probably spent years designing and perfecting their game. So it's not all instantaneous... it takes time.

Then there is the question of "Affordability": can you AFFORD to design a game with minis? You have to pay the artist of the 3D Modeler and that is an additional expense. So COST is another factor you must weight in and see if you can get sufficient backers to offset the cost of producing the 3D models!

Just my 5 cents...

questccg wrote:It's far too

questccg wrote:
It's far too EXPENSIVE! Remember Scythe costs $80.00... And they have a bunch of different minis from characters to mechs.

Scythe has few miniatures. I think they might even had like one mold for everything. Scythe costs as much due to the sheer amount of stuff in the box. Not just minis.

questccg wrote:

Unless you are Mantic (specialize in Miniatures only games)... best to leave minis to someone else until maybe you have already designed and sold several games.

I would probably disagree. There are games that require miniatures. But it IS hard to do right and it is expensive. So you have to do your homework if you plan to include miniatures.

Your link to your website

Your link to your website doesn't work. I only wanted to peek, out of curiousity.

I can't imagine someone getting miniatures from a separate provider, besides of a publisher.
What did I miss?

Ramon is right...

You post website links that don't even work - how do you expect us to believe you are credible???

@Ramon: I think what they are saying is if you want to KS or self-publish they offer a turn-key solution for miniatures.

My guess is this is what they are trying to say, maybe(?!)


Yeah, I should have mentioned that in my first's not a legitimate question; just a way to get you to see what they have to offer as a vendor.

This title of this post has been correctely revised.

The suitable title fo this post should be "The Manufacturing Process for Highly Detailed Plastic Miniatures"

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