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State up / the ultimate challenge

The name of the concept I have chosen is (State up) the ultimate challenge, because branding is important and official foundation for the game and any forthcoming applications to this game, this game is constructed to take social gathering to fun and interacting levels of game play with a completely new massive board challenge, and self-educational purposes.


new project seeking a professional partner

New Board game already completed; State up/ The ultimate challenge. seeking a partner to help publish market and distribute. open to all professionals in the field. E-Mail me at,

Game Challenge for families and friends. seeking Publishing

. The game is designed to bring back the family and social gathering values that gives us all a place of belonging and group, participation and, communication, as Well as a platform to gather and be apart of a group participation on a social level with family, friends, and associates on every level, from preschool, to university’s and every aspect of social gathering worldwide.
(State Up), The ultimate challenge, is a (Board) game Challenge which takes our states and cities and turns them into a massive board game challenge that brings families, friends, and people all around the globe together for a new innervating fun and self-educational game challenge. The object of the game requires the players to race around the board following a designated path to reach their goal. collecting cities within a state and ultimately all fifty states. There are (no trivia) questions evolved just facts and information about the cities and states you land on, which is a vital function of the game, and value proposition to consumers, and marketing. The game is packed with facts, from “history”, to fun facts, interesting facts, places to visit fun things to do, food and things you probably never learned in school, travel destinations, vacation hot spots, and so much more.
State up the ultimate challenge board game is something never created before in any recent city and state games to date. It’s unique game play and challenge makes it different. It’s the ultimate challenge, of retrieving the cities and states play processes that allows you to reach the objective of the ultimate challenge and actual end of the game. Collecting three cities or capitals in each state is the goal of the game. The game is fun, exciting, challenging, and educational. With absolutely no trivia involved. The game is loaded with history, facts, fun facts, travel destinations, thing you probably don't know, interesting facts, best places to eat, great attractions and so much more. This game is nothing like any other city and state games on the market. State up/ the ultimate challenge stands alone.


you have to "collect" cities by doing what, knowing facts? You say it's not answering trivia questions, but a fact about Sheboygan, WI is pretty much trivial (sorry, Sheboygan).

I can't imagine what this looks like. A giant map? And I have to collect ** 150 ** things to win? What's the play time? Even if it's just landing on spaces and getting a token, that's a LONG game.

You mention "value proposition to consumers, and marketing", which makes me think you're selling restaurant ads or something? You also say the game is already completed.. So if that was correct, then you already have marketing/sponsors in place?

I just have no idea what this is.

Also, "(State up) the ultimate challenge" is a slightly confusing name. At the least you should have each word capitalized.. And why is it an ultimate challenge? What's the challenge?

Streamline the design

My guess is this game has NOT been playtested... Collecting 150 cards is a lofty goal, considering if there are six (6) Players playing the game. That totals up to 900 cards!

While I think the game may have merit, I would suggest streamlining the design to ONE (1) card per State (so 50 cards). Again even that is a lot if you have six (6) players. That totals up to 300 cards!!

Perhaps a BETTER solution is to gather different "fact" TYPES. So if you have 10 categories, that adds up to 60 cards (more reasonable amount for six (6) players)...

What could be good is IF you have 20 categories but each player had his OWN "collection" card (which could be randomly selected at the start of the game). Then it's a bit like "Ticket-To-Ride" where you have a card and you are trying to collect other cards on the board.

You may start with 25 cards on the board. Player move around the board from State to State and collect cards when they reach a destination that matches their "collection" card (and they have not collected that category card already).

To me it seems a bit "Simple" – but that is common in many Euros where each player races to do his "own thing" and players rarely interact with each other.

But you can see how we went from 900 cards to maybe 60 cards. Think about it ... And you'll understand how to better "streamline" your design.


Note: If you have 20 categories and a maximum of six (6) players, that's 120 cards IN TOTAL. Not too bad. That at least is FEASIBLE... You don't have in excess of 900+ cards! And if you do it per State, a nice ROUND number like 150 cards might be better. So three (3) cards per State... See where I am going with this???

Update: If you have three (3) cards per State (so 150 cards in total), each state could be NUMBERED (1 to 50) and each card could have a corresponding number too (1 to 50). This makes placing the cards randomly on the map much more easier too.

Update #2: What if you draw a card for a State that already has a card? Well you could stockpile cards at a location... When a player comes to this location, he could "WHAM!" pick-up all the cards at that location... This is introducing some cool ideas and make the game more challenging too!

Method of play

Step #1: Each player (1 to 6) randomly selects a "collection" card.

Step #2: Shuffle the 150 deck of State cards.

Step #3: Draw the top 25 and place them on the appropriate States. This could cause some locations to have 0 cards and others to have 1 to 3 cards.

Step #4: Place your meeple on the Starting State (which is indicated on your "collection" card).

Step #5: Play begins, you Roll 1D6 and may move that many States away from your current position. You may choose to STOP before exhausting your dice roll and collect a State card (one or more).

Step #5: Play continues with the next player in a clock-wise fashion.

Step #6: When a player is missing only ONE (1) of 10 Categories, he knocks on the table (like Uno) to say: "I am only missing one card..."

Step #7: Play continues until he/she gets that card or someone else manages to get all ten (10) categories on his/her "collection" card.

Update: How you can make the game MORE interesting is having categories with less State cards. And by also having twelve (12) Categories and all you need is only ten (10) of them to win...

What I think is COOL...

What if the board was divided into "areas" like Southern which includes California, New Mexico, Texas and that the Categories for those States are SPECIFIC. Meaning that in order to GET Category A-B-C, you MUST Travel and visit one of those "Southern" states...

This type of "organization" would be cool, because it would REQUIRE players to forcefully travel around the state map.

That kind of "designed" requirement would make the game (perhaps) more interesting...

Update: You could also give players ONE (1) Plane Ticket which can drop you off at one of several locations and ONE (1) Train Ticket which brings you from East-To-West (or the other way around) on the US Map.

That could inject some more "variance" into the game too!

If that’s what his game even

If that’s what his game even is...

But I know what yours is at least!

His game is just an idea

Jay103 wrote:
If that’s what his game even is...

But I know what yours is at least!

I personally feel "positive reinforcement" is more effective than criticism. He may well only have an "idea" in his mind ... but exploring his "version" proves that there are some things that have not been tested – Yet!

Like YOU said: "Collect 150 cards to win?!"

I just showed how unrealistic this is, if you play up to six (6) players. That totals to 900+ cards. No game has 900+ cards. Even Dominion has about 500 and then with expansions you can swap out certain deck piles ... Collectively it probably has MORE than 900+ cards (if you count multiple expansions). But the truth is, you only play with a "fraction" of those cards.

MY "version" is just something "sensible" where the ideas are NOT "extremes". Just from the IDEA itself, there are a LOT of problems. So you need to trim and refine the game idea so that it is something "doable".

I'm just giving an "example" of what a "streamlined" version of HIS game may look like. Just to give some concrete ideas about how to go about to refine his idea(s). Even my version is a bit "dry" even for a euro game... What I am saying, is this kind of "collection" game is not something that interests me (personally). But if it has a bunch of cool "categories" and fun facts about the USA ... could be fun to play (once or twice).

Reread the intial posts...

"New Board game already completed[...]seeking a partner to help publish market and distribute."

What is done, what is not done? Art? Graphic design? Localization? It doesn't seem you are looking for much design input--are you looking for cash, business experience?

Where and how might one play a prototype--or have seen it without making the connection to your game?

Hmm... Not sure about that

There is no way this guy has "playtested" a game with over 500+ cards for four (4) players. That's 150 x 4 = 600 cards. That's ridiculous. Do you know how long such a game will take and the "chaos" of remembering which cards you Have and Don't Have???

Seriously people have a hard time remembering 10 cards they need to get, let alone 150 cards!

Unless this is a Video Game, well then it could work. But TableTop Game (IMHO) – No! The computer could take control of maintaining cards (150 count) and could hi-light the cards on the board yet to be obtained.

But seriously you "believe" he has designed a game with over 500+ cards that can be played within a reasonable amount of time???

My guess is that we'll never hear back from him... Posts and then probably just disappears. Much like on BGG.

your funny, it's not a game

your funny, it's not a game of playing cards. the cards are broken down in segments. some make the the game move others are prompts to keep you moving and others are collected to meet the objective of the game, and what's needed to complete the game. one thing's for sure is this game and it's process is something you never seen before and is not on the market. be careful of how you give an opinion, it has been playtested and is very unique and quite fun to play.

connect with me

I'm looking for a designer to incorporate art and information to certain cards I've done the basics, I have not boxed the game because of small details, and i'm not a professional when it comes to bring this together. you can connect with me to see and playtest this game.@ I will set up a viewing for you.

Well that's what you get by not explaining

I'm not worried about my "opinion". You didn't offer up and additional ideas so I thought it was something like "Ticket-To-Ride" but with cards.

I still think "collecting" 150 of ANYTHING in a Board Game is "impossible".

How do you keep track??? Your game may be pretty clever. But don't preach it's the Holy Grail of games, unless you plan to back up your claims.

I never said the game was not FUN. I just said, I can't imagine "collecting" so many "items/components" (whatever they are).

I meant (and generally) no disrespect. I was just trying to make sense from what you wrote for us...

Go ahead and give us some more details. Don't worry nobody will "steal" your game idea. Board Games is a small community and reputation is your "word in gold". Who knows, maybe you can upload your game's rules and we can see if you understand that a game is more that JUST a "physical prototype". You also need to explain it to OTHER people and then you need Blind Playtesting to make sure your game's rules are sound...

There is a lot of ground to cover before you can say: "I have a Game!" But again, I'm curious ... Are you sure you said 150+ components???

For get about if I playtested the game

Don't let the number of cards fool you. this game is not about cards, when I give you the number of cards in the game that's just an itemized fact. every card is broken down well organized and perfectly itemized to have fun and get to the objective of the game. that's why this game is something never seen before. when creating new games it have to really be creative and new something the market has never seen before.

Slow down

this game is not about cards, when I give you the number of cards in the game that's just an itemized fact. every card is broken down well organized and perfectly itemized to have fun and get to the objective of the game. that's why this game is something never seen before. when creating new games it have to really be creative and new something the market has never seen before.

lbaillum wrote:this game is

lbaillum wrote:
this game is not about cards, when I give you the number of cards in the game that's just an itemized fact. every card is broken down well organized and perfectly itemized to have fun and get to the objective of the game. that's why this game is something never seen before. when creating new games it have to really be creative and new something the market has never seen before.

So what is the number of cards? I don’t think you did give that. We were just guessing, because the only detail I can see that you provided is that a player has to collect three things from each US state.


What difference is it to you, who are you? and what do have to offer to this concept?

Ovesuly you don't have a keen

Ovesuly you don't have a keen eye for new products and innervation. in this world you have to be able to look into the future of development. constructive criticism is good but lack of wisdom is something else. and to get a bunch of people to follow you that's a tushay at its best.


pend I don't spend a lot of time on this form, when i can I will check in. if your really interested in the concept and real direction of what you can't seem to get your mind around hitb me up on my direct Email at
and get the teal time direct you know I can't upload my game or even files because they are to large. but connect with me and if you are someone that has significance to my process I will build dialect with you. if not oh well.

lbaillum wrote:What

lbaillum wrote:
What difference is it to you, who are you? and what do have to offer to this concept?

I don’t know what the concept is, so I’m not sure what I can offer. My best design skills are probably rule set simplification and poking holes in systems. I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for here, but I suspect it’s neither of those two things.

However, as I said, I don’t even know what a single minute of gameplay might look like.


Those of you who are perplexed by this thread, I suggest you have a quick skim over this thread from some time ago. There are some striking similarities.

Paranoia ... the real sickness

@Let-off he's no Joseph Oberlander... He's not a headbanger, nor does he only use Female Artists! And he wouldn't start an All-Girls Band but he may request that he gets more than one woman...

Nobody will want to contact you by Yahoo. If you want to discuss your game, do it on BGDF. What do you think this website was designed for???

Mostly only designers read it but some Publishers do lurk too. I do get the impression that you're of the "Paranoid" type (worried that someone will steal his big money idea) ... And you should know attribution is more than 50% ownership.

What does that mean? Well it means if you TALK about your game (on forums) and you describe HOW your game is played, most people will accept that this was YOUR idea to begin with.

See what I mean??? And you are a STRANGER to this "community". I can mostly list off MOST of our communities user's by their first names. Why? Because I interact with them almost on a daily basis.

I should also add that I am a "Forum Moderator" and one of the Admins if you need help (with anything related to our Forums).

So don't be so worried about your idea. Talk about it. Send us your rules, etc. We probably can HELP you ... Once we figure out what it is you are looking for.

And please no posting about "How GREAT your game idea is..." I've seen that numerous times before, people come to this forum, say they have the best idea... Then when they share they idea with the community... It turns out it's a very CRAPPY idea. Has happened at least three (3) times over the years. Glad there are not too many "paranoid" people because then nobody would be discussing their games.


Aka QuestCCG
"Indie" Game Designer
BGDF Moderator – Publisher List

let-off studios wrote:Those

let-off studios wrote:
Those of you who are perplexed by this thread, I suggest you have a quick skim over this thread from some time ago. There are some striking similarities.

I went a bit down the rabbit hole to even go read that thing (as you can probably guess by my necro'ing this thread).

Just wanted to say that a little google searching turned up that the guy in that thread was arrested for a homicide a little while afterwards, but (at least at the time) was incompetent to stand trial because of his schizophrenia. That thread looks like like schizophrenia to me.. you're having a conversation with someone who's making no sense (but clearly has some "reality" built up in his head) and doesn't seem to notice what you're saying in response..

(ooh, and this was just two days ago)


That's really frickin' sad.

Woah poor Joseph!

That is pretty terrible. Like I figured he was in his own world. The whole "Headbanger-thing" and being part of an all-female band, etc. But I could not imagine being tried for a stabbing ... That is very bad! Clearly not stable enough to know right from wrong.


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