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New Premium Game Parts Available

The Game Crafter - New Premium Game Parts Available at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that we've added a bunch of new Premium Game Parts. This is in addition to the other premium parts we announced a few weeks ago. In this batch you'll find brains, treasure chests, magnifying glasses, hearts, pumpkins, dogs, and skulls. As usual, you can purchase them in any quantity and bulk orders receive automatic discounts in the shopping cart.

See all of our premium parts at


Will you ever offer custom

Will you ever offer custom engraved dice larger than 16mm? Possibly other shapes as well? I see there's only cornered dice on acrylic and rounded on's such a fantastic service I was hoping you might expand on it!

More options

Thanks for the compliment!

There's been lots of excitement over our laser engraved custom wood/acrylic dice. At this point, all we can say is that we're good listeners and we let our community drive our product development efforts. You are welcome to visit our Site Ideas page at to review the existing ideas the community has submitted and voted on. If you put in "dice" in the "find ideas" search box then you can see all the relevant ideas that have already been submitted. You can use crafter points in your account to vote on the features you want to support. If you don't see your idea already submitted, you can create a new idea for the community to consider/vote on.

Otherwise, you can follow our new product/feature announcements here on BGDF or any of our social media channels. Sorry I can't provide more info at this time! :)

PS - we'll be at Gen Con so if you're going to be there feel free to stop by our booth (#2555) and we can talk more about this.

Awesome...I'll jump in the

Awesome...I'll jump in the discussion. Thanks!

Man, that's a huge list of

Man, that's a huge list of ideas! I voted for some, but so many to search through! I just want a deeper (taller) large pro box, and the option to mix & match linen, UV, or matte for various cards/tokens.

Lots of Ideas

Heck yes! We've got a community of almost 150,000 board game designers from around the world. Think of all the different ideas and needs of those folks. So we let the community help drive our product development. That's a lot more efficient and useful than just releasing stuff blindly and hoping it is received well.

Step 1: Listen to our community/customers.
Step 2: Deliver those things.
Step 3: Everyone is happy. :)

Thanks for voting on ideas and helping shape the future of TGC!

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