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Trash Coliseum Update 1


What's Trash Coliseum?

Trash Coliseum is a free for all, combat game for 3 to 5 players.
In the world of Trash Coliseum, various kingdoms of trash compete in a gladiatorial-style festival hosted in the middle of a giant junkyard. Players choose their gladiator hosting from one of 6 Kingdoms. Some of the playable characters are Roach, Mouse, Fish Bone, Banana Peel and more. Each one has their own unique set of abilities and play styles. At the beginning of each round, gladiators look through trashcans and try to make up a set of 6 gross items to boost up their stats. Then they are released onto the board, where you must fight to death! Beware of landing in coliseum traps, spawning monsters and colossal bosses. May the best (and most lucky) gladiator win!

I have play tested this game quite a lot but it still needs work. It's pretty darn fun as there's so much that can happen with 80 different items and many events and bosses. It's definitely a more casual dice chucking game. Ill explain more about the mechanics in another post.


Well the artwork looks good...

The comical artwork may appeal to a Family crowd. Kids might like the cartoon style of illustrations. And I'm certain if the game is FUN, parents will like to play along with their kids.

It's also has a very "quirky"-feel to the game. Garbage cans, fish bones, banana peel, etc. Has some originality to it too.

Keep up the good work - and share with us more about the game. Would be interesting in knowing how the "Gladiator Battles" are decided... For example. I don't think you need to share all 80 items but maybe a few five or six... Just to get a feel for what they can do.

Good stuff!

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