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Our Independence

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Fore Score And Four Years Ago....

Our fore fathers brought to this country a world of creativity.
A pen and paper. Like minded minds have the obligation to build, design and create.

To stand and inspire the citizens of our nation. To bring forth the wisdom, knowledge and passion to full fill the dreams we so desire.

Upon the four years, dreams of our creativity were in high spirits, but we shall not let the passion dwindle, decay, disappear. For we must bring forth new abilities of new mechanics, playstyles and illusions.

These illusions must appear to be magical to hold the truth, lies and other emotional expressions so that all people can relate.

We must fight for the future. We must learn to understand not just the old ways of designing, but the new ways of creating.

To combine ALL Knowledge.

Four years has come to present. The passion to build, design and create still light the inspiration for the future.

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This is true and I agree with everything you said. Don't lose hope

Joined: 04/08/2012
Thank you

Thank you screwupjohn for the support.


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