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Diamondroller Mindset - Day 1 of Grand Amateur Golf Open

Hi, my name is Jorrel and I've been a member of BGDF for quite a while. I am really interested in making games as a kid, and now I've found the time to go back to that love I had for it before.

I'm starting this blog at a time that I feel that I have completed a working version of one of the games I put much effort on: Grand Amateur Golf Open. This game has been on the back burner for a while, as ideas have come and gone that I felt really lost about it. And now the time has come to reveal the monster hiding in my hard drive...


To be honest, I feel good about my game, but I don't know how other may feel. Being introverted makes it a lot worse. I find it hard to talk to people, let alone show them my baby. What if they don't like it? What if I made a game someone already made before? What if this all was for nothing?

But then, worrying about that stuff is not going to change things. I made something, might as well show it to the world. My brother told me something last night that struck me hard. He said 'You can't keep on making these games if you're not going to be invested in them. It's just a waste of time and money to do it.'

Well, that's not exactly how he said it. But that was how it felt like to me. I can't keep on procrastinating on my game, waiting for the right time to release it. No one's going to notice if I don't start getting myself out there.

And so it goes...

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