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Diamondroller Mindset - Day 2 of Grand Amateur Golf Open

GAGO Character Plates.png

So far, I've gotten good Feedback with regards to the game. Shout out to let-off studios and cloa513 for their comments and suggestions.

Now, for sometime, I have been thinking about the feel of this game. It's not a serious golf game like others we've seen. I wanted a really cartoony feel to it. Wacky Racers (or is it Races? I don't know...) comes to mind. Various people from all walks of life, heroes and villains, all competing to win the cup and glory of being the champion. At least until the next episode...

I want to have that feel that throughout a game session, the players feel like their chosen characters, and playing their character's styles. Each game could feel like an episode where someone wins it all, until the next game when the playing field is all equal again. Sometimes, the heroes win, and sometimes the villains do. But in the end, everyone gets to have fun and have their moment to shine...

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