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Dicey Decisions and Hiring for Art - Day 3 and 4 of Grand Amateur Golf Open

During a personal playthrough, I noticed something that I have not noticed on previous games. During gameplay, most players (myself included) would rely on the D12 die on most rolls until we get to the green. There are some tiles that restrict the use of dice, but players would just brute force their way through holes. Even so, I wanted to set up scenarios where the using the same die all the time may not be the best strategy. So a couple of things going into the next alpha version...

1) Custom Dice - I'm trying a couple of things.
- One is dropping the D6 and just staying with a D12, D8 and D4. The D12 will have 7 - 12 shown on the sides twice, D8 will have 5-8 also show twice, and the d4 will remain the same.

- 3 D6s; first die is white with 1-6 on the sides (Putter), second die is blue with 5-10 (Wedge); and last is yellow with 9-14 (Driver).

2) Varying restrictions on the terrain tiles and weather cards, designed to have certain types of dice to have advantages or disadvantages, like Yellow dice not being usable on Bunker tiles, and Rock and Tree tiles favoring Blue dice.

3) Directional Movement and O.B. - This is something new that came to me on a playtest this week. While playing, a question came up: You can't make the ball turn 90 degrees in golf, right?

- The Organizer of the current hole decides how the hole will be formed, making 90 degree turns as s/he wishes. As directional shooting will be applied, players will still follow the the direction of the tiles, but rolling more than the value of the tiles in one direction causes that player to go "Out of Bounds". That player returns to the place where s/he started from. It becomes important to select the right type of die to use at your turns in order to make it to the green and finish the hole first.

It is also possible to skip a corner tile onto an adjacent diagonal tile by making a roll equivalent to or +/-1 the combined value of your current tile and the target tile. Going over or under the required roll value results in an 'Out of Bounds' State.

Trying these out when I get home later.

Making the decision to hire a person to outsource work is a hard decision to make. But an important one. I feel that I'm really lucky to have someone nearby that is particularly good at the type of art I need. What's better, she's a coworker, which means we meet everyday, and are able to work better with the new art. I'm nervous, but excited at the same time. I never thought I'd actually get to a point that I'd actually hire poeple for my project.

Shout out to questccg from BGDF for the more than gracious amount of information about hiring and outsourcing work.


About the name...

To me, I feel you can simplify it to: Amateur Golf Open (AGO).

I don't know if that name is available (domain, bgg, etc.) but I feel it does more justice to the game.

Why "Grand"? Are you going to PAY us a "Grand" to play your game??? LOL

It seems to me extraneous (the "Grand" part). You must have a reason for "adding" the "Grand" prefix to the game...?! I'd be curious to know why.

I've done a Google search and I find NO "" and BGG has no games either. So you would be good with the name minus "Grand". I thought that maybe there was a conflict with another game or product.

But it turns out... You're golden with the name.

That's just my advice, but I would shorten the name and drop the "Grand".


Also checked...

Both and are taken domain names. So it might be worthwhile for like $9.99 USD to register something like: "".

I know it's verbose... But it's more representative of your game anyways.

And if you want to KEEP the "Grand", you are 100% entitled to do so. But it will make your URL (domain) a little longer.

Let us know what you decide! Cheers...

About the name...

To be honest, I just threw words together when I came up with the name. The 'Grand' i think came in because I was playing a lot of games that have the word grand in them at the time I conceptualized it. Amateur Golf Open sounds good though. Really Good. I checked with BGG as well, and not only is there no game with such a name, but there really aren't many games with a golf theme as well.


Yes I too did a search on Golf Games - and like you I found very few matches... So with your game, you might be able to make a "name" for your game (Pun intended - LOL)!

You could even maybe have a Golfer called: "Forest Lions". A take on "Tiger Woods"! Hahaha. No but seriously "Forest Lions" sound like an awesome Golf Character!!! Add to it the cutesy artwork and bamm!


Definitely one for consideration...

But Forrest Lyons is supposed to be a very bad golfer instead of a good one. Could have very interesting mechanics though.

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