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Resealable bags are amazing!

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Joined: 06/03/2017

Just cleaned up my work area using resealable bags this weekend. I didn't realize that I had virtually tons of games that I started and haven't gotten back to.

And it's still just half of the playroom. I guess the other half might bu just more trash. But here's hoping...

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Joined: 06/17/2015
I feel your pain!

At least you have 1/2 finished games to show for it.
I'm too lazy to get far enough that the games I design could make a mess if I were actually able to clean up enough to be able to produce them said 1/2 games!
I mean I can imagine stepping on miscellaneous hand carved meeples and other random crud because I just left it on the floor, but it never happens because I'm too damn lazy to clean up enough that I am actually able to make a mess. _The resealable bags are the only thing in my fetid hovel which aren't dirty - that's because I've never opened the box in which they came.

And you have a designated work area!
I'm forever brushing wood chip and stone fragments out of my be because I make voodoo in bed.I think I need to consult a professional therapist or something

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