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New Game Design Asset Shop at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - New Game Design Asset Shop

We’ve just launched a new department in our shop for game design assets. You’ll find over 200 sets of illustrations, card designs, currency, and icons, with more being added every day. Click here to see our official announcement with additional images.

Most game design assets come in the form of sets so that you have most/everything you need to create a game.

Most are sold under our standard commercial license, that gives you the rights to do almost anything you want with the assets, except resell them yourself. This gives you flexibility to use the images to build your game, promote it, and sell it.

You’ll find that the assets are very affordable, and that we provide contact information for the creators if you wish to commission more in the same style.

So head over to the game design asset shop, and find some art or templates for your next game.
And if you happen to be an illustrator or graphic designer, and would like to make some extra money on your creations, upload your game design assets here.

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