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Gridiron--a card-and-dice game of frantic strategy

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Hi All,

I developed a card game over the past few months, and have been play-testing it with my friends; however, now I am looking for feedback from strangers. The game is called Gridiron, and is based on the game of American football.

Gridiron is a small-box card and dice game for 2 players, in which each player is trying to score before the other, all while carefully managing the number and order of the cards in their deck. After a simple drafting phase, both players race to lay down a line-up of cards, and place dice on those cards to activate them.

I'd love to hear some feedback, especially regarding the following points:

1. The game is not just meant for football fans, so the rules try to explain enough about football so that anyone can understand the game. Does this happen, or are there any terms that are unclear or ambiguous?

2. Most of the cards you play with have a unique strength, making it difficult to balance offense and defense. Is one side overpowered compared to the other?

3. Gridirion is mostly played in real-time, so any deep thinking will be quickly overshadowed by the rush to play cards and roll dice as fast as possible; however, I still wanted to add some amount of strategy and forward-thinking to the game. Did you find any depth to the game?

4. Is the game fun? (this is the most important)

I'd like to apologize in advance for the artwork on the cards; I am not only not an artist, I am actively terrible at art and visual design in general.

The print-and-play rules can be downloaded below:

The rules contain links to all the pdfs of the cards, tokens, and the board.

Thanks for all your help, and let me know what you think!

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Gridiron card game

Hello, i am really busy now so i don't know if i will have time to post any useful feedback but i really like the idea of the game and will try it out.

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Thanks so much! I know I ask

Thanks so much! I know I ask for a lot in the main description, but really I enjoy hearing any feedback at all, so it's nice to know the game at least sounds interesting!

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Modified Rules

After testing the game some more, I made a few minor modifications to the rulebook. I also added some optional rules and game variants at the end out of boredom.

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